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Manifesto 2016

1. The good always wins.

2. Cats are beautiful envoys of light, love and the weird. Cats are like little unicorns. Cats must be loved. Of course, all animals must be loved.

3. Those for whom money, personal satiety and prosperity are even amongst the top five most important things in the world are fools and they are not friends to us

4.Those are beautiful who are brave and honest, generous and love the world.

5. The greatest wealth of the modern world is the freedom to do what you want. And from this point of view we are the richest people in the world.

6. We stand for personal development until the day we die.

7. Each of us understands:

- the value of our planet

- the importance of our own actions.

Even one person is able to do incredibly a lot, and several people united by the same ideas can change the world.

8. Our world is ruled not by material wealth and marketing tricks that catch people into "a vortex of never-ending consumption", but by noble people's qualities, freedom and striving for bringing beauty to the world.

9. We don't take part in any political events and we don't express our opinion on this in any way. Maybe we just don't have this opinion. Our world is different.

10. The previous point doesn't mean that we don't pay attention to the problems that exist. We just sort out our priorities and do what we can.

11. We choose peace not struggle

12. We stand for mutual aid and friendly support.

13. We don't lead any hollow ideological discussions on "what is better" and "who is right" and we don't support it. We prefer doing to speaking.

14. Everyday we think about what we do.

15. Buy less, choose better

You don't need to consume many products (including everything like food, t-shirts and cars). We will always say: consume wisely.

16. We accept our own mistakes

17. We are very captivated by doing, we are passionate about everything we do.

18. We understand that the environmental situation in the world is deplorable and the next generations (maybe including children of our children) may find themselves suffocated in trash and in struggle for pure water. We try using and developing new ecological technologies and trends. We respect non-waste production, recycling, upcycling, second hand and new smart solutions.

19. We always work on the content, we try and develop various techniques, movements and styles having as a result a weird, beautiful and complex style of our own.

20. We live interesting lives.

21. We always stick to our values.

22. We don't work with people and organisations whose activity, in our opinion, can cause obvious aesthetic, moral and actual harm to the world and our future.

23. Our advertising activities are really subtle, we aim for doing high-quality pictures, interesting movies and just describing our product or service with the help of human language.

24. We can afford to keep an absolutely free style and not to follow generally accepted rules. We think that moral portrait and right actions are far more important than rules of photo shooting and peculiarities of different genres. We also use the same approach to the way we look.

25. That is creativity and necessity to do are always more important than rules and other obligations, including financial ones.

. We don't strive for winning mass market and we don't pay any attention to trends. Or we rethink them and always do it our way.

27. We respect solemnity and some beautiful traditions

28. We are unconditional cosmopolitans, but we understand, respect and protect our homeland and our compatriots.

29. We don't do any public judgemental statements and especially actions related to religion.

30. If you recognize yourself in this manifesto you may come, tell stories, share and join.

31. We welcome those who have kept their ability to think. And to feel. To distinguish between important and unimportant. Those who are able to overcome difficulties in struggle for what they do, for creativity and conservation of the world. Gender, age, occupation and financial status don't mean anything.

32. We appreciate our work, the work of our friends and any human work in general. Work ennobles, any work is beautiful.

33. We appreciate and love creativity just like any other work. Creativity is also a big work, one of the hardest. And this is what we think: any work into which you put much effort, that you love and that helps you grow, will always be creative.

34. A black unicorn is our symbol. When you see it you know it's us.

35. Style is above all.